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Warm Vacation Spots in the US for a Blissful Winter Holiday

Warm Vacation Spots in the US
Florida and Arizona are the US states which offer great places to visit in winter. The best warm vacation spots in USA are listed here.
Shashank Nakate
The United States of America is known for its varied climatic conditions and this offers plenty of options for tourists in every season. From the frigid temperate regions of Alaska to the warm tropical beaches of Florida, America has got it all. There are many spring break getaways lined along the southeast Pacific coast of USA. Myrtle beach, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Keys are only a few to name. If you are planning for a warm sunny vacation here are some spots you wouldn't want to miss out on.
Destinations for Winter Break in USA
If you are looking for a suitable tourist destination that provides a winter/spring break, read the following descriptions. Details of some of the important warm vacation spots in US are presented below.
Myrtle Beach
The Myrtle beach in the state of South Carolina is one of the popular tourist destinations down south. The average annual temperature that prevails in this region is 64 °F. This place experiences hot and humid summers while winters are mild. Around 14.6 million tourists visit the Myrtle beach every year. It is a preferred spot for activities like swimming and hiking. The 1.2 mile long Myrtle Beach Boardwalk also is one of the major tourist attractions.
South Padre Island
This place comes under the Cameroon County of Texas state. South Padre Island offers a lot of recreational activities for visitors; some of these activities include dolphin watching, kite boarding, horseback riding, etc. College and high school students throng this tourist place in large numbers for a spring break. The annual maximum temperature of South Padre island is 89 °F while the minimum is 52 °F.
Ft. Lauderdale
The coastal city of Fort Lauderdale is a nice spring break for tourists from all over the United States. Located in the Broward County of Florida, Fort Lauderdale is famous for its canals and waterways. Yachting is therefore, one of the popular recreational activities for tourists. The average annual temperature of this place is 75 °F.
Florida Keys
An archipelago of around 4500 islands, the Florida Keys offers many warm vacation spots. Islands of Florida Keys lie to the southeast of USA; this place is also nicknamed as the American Caribbean. You can enjoy snorkeling, scuba-diving, boating and many other activities at the Florida Keys. Those interested in hiking should go for guided tours along the walking trails. Overall, Florida Keys is the place to be, for those interested in warm outdoor vacations. The average annual temperature of this region is between 75 °F and 80 °F.
Located in the heart of Sonoran desert of Arizona, Scottsdale is a highly recommended tourist spot for a 'warm retreat'. It is not just the outdoors but also the party scene that attracts lots of tourists to Scottsdale. New York Times once described this city as the desert version of South Beach (Miami). Amongst outdoor tourist attractions, off-road jeep tours and hot-air balloon rides of Scottsdale are popular. The average annual temperature of this region comes to around 80 °F.
It is the capital city of Arizona and also the largest in this state. Let us find how this city is suitable for a winter break vacation. The outdoor activities you can enjoy in Phoenix include rock climbing, hiking, horseback riding, hot-air balloon rides, etc. The Heard Museum of Phoenix too is worth visiting. This museum hosts a huge collection of native American art works; total area of this Heard Museum is over 16,000 acres. The average annual temperature of Phoenix is 72 °F.
Fort Myers Beach
Located in the Lee County of Florida, Fort Myers is known for its white sand beaches. Tourists can enjoy sailing, boating and other outdoor activities. This place attracts tourists from not just USA, but all over the world; it makes Fort Myers Beach one of the important warm vacation spots of USA. The average annual temperature of this place is around 75 °F.
The southern states are known for some of the best warm vacation spots in USA. There are beaches and deserts and islands which offer a great atmosphere for you to enjoy quality time with your family. You would definitely have a good time visiting these vacation spots.
Fort Myers Beach at Sunset
Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale, Arizona
Fort Lauderdale Beach