Weekend Getaways in New England

Scholasticus K Oct 12, 2018
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New England is located on the eastern coast of the USA. This region is gifted with a rather diverse geography and also a varied climate. The unique geographical conditions and a well-preserved history, have made it a very pleasant tourist destination especially as a weekend getaway.
New England has a jagged coastline, with many scenic beaches, lush green hills, and sparkling lakes. Due to these features, a very well-developed tourist industry has become established in this area.
Boston is the capital of this region, and it's one of the oldest cities in the US. The pleasant climate, good accommodation, and transport facilities, make it one of the most ideal places for a weekend visit.
The three most attractive places to visit in this city are the Boston Public Library, Prudential Center, and the Trinity Church. They can be easily covered in a weekend tour. Boston Public Library is one of the biggest libraries in the US; it contains a treasure trove of paintings and different art collections.
Some of the most prized possessions are the original Mozart scores, and the edition folios by William Shakespeare. The Renaissance Revival type of architecture was used in 1895, by the famous architect, Charles Follen McKim, to design this library.
The Prudential Center is a shopper's paradise in New England. One can also visit the 52 floors high "skywalk" on the Prudential Tower, and gaze at the surrounding beauty. Boston's Trinity Church is one of the most beautiful churches in the United States. Its architecture belongs to the Romanesque style of design.
The frescoes inside the church that have been painted by artist John LaFarge, leave the visitors spellbound. Some of the other places in Boston that are worth visiting are the First and Second Church, the Gibson House, the Beacon Hill, and the Boston National Historical Park.
Springfield is one of the most beautiful cities in New England, with a very pleasant climate. The amusement park of this city, which is known as the Six Flags New England, is a very good place to visit, especially for children. It is a theme park, spread over 170 acres, and has about 130 rides and shows.
A very rare treat awaits the visitors at Springfield, at the St. Anne's Church and Shrine. The church has preserved a collection of Russian icons, which are about 200 years old.
The city of Hartford is often called New England's Rising star. The culture and history of this region has been preserved in some of the museums across this city. Some prominent museums are the Charter Oak Cultural Center, Butler and McCook Homestead, and the Connecticut Historical Societies museum.
The numerous inns and hotels, at scenic and beautiful locations, are found on the coast of New England. Similarly, the White Mountains and the Appalachian mountain range offer excellent ski lodges.