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Weekend Getaways from NYC

Tilottama Chatterjee Sep 20, 2019
If the week's left you drained, and you're on the lookout for quick weekend getaways from NYC, look no further. Take a look at some of your options that will leave you refreshed and get you into a good frame of mind.
City life getting you down? Need a break from the madness, and the insanity far from the maddening crowd? Or just want some serious R & R? Even if you can't spare too much time, there are weekend getaways from NYC that just may totally fit the bill.
Whether it's time with the kids, some quality time with your significant other, or just some much-needed alone time, a little looking around can reveal a destination tailor made to suit your needs.
There are options to suit practically every need, and every wallet, so put away your city suits and get out your favorite jeans, there's a weekend trip to plan! Take a look at some great options listed here.

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Getaways for Couples

If romance is on your mind, you'll be spoiled for choice. Whether spare 2 or 10 hours in travel time, there's a chance your problem will be zeroeing in on just one place to stay. From romantic B&B's to quaint mansions, fun stuff for kids and outdoor family activities, choose from one of these fabulous vacation spots.

South Brookhaven

Located just an hour east of New York City, you may have overlooked Brookhaven, having seen it a million times on a map. However, this 400 square mile town has enough to offer even the pickiest visitor.

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Whether it's beaches you're after, museums to browse through, or biking trails, there's something for everyone. Rent a canoe or a kayak for a paddle down the Carmen river, or take a romantic walk downtown on the South Shore and Fire Island.
If you're the outdoorsy kind, bike trails run down Central Brookhaven's Cathedral Pines County Park in Yaphank, and equestrian pursuits are yours to follow if your make your way to Southhaven Park. You may not feel like heading back home!


About two and a half hours from NYC is Kent, where the slower pace of life will welcome you to this sleepy eyed town.
Take the Appalachian Trail for a spot of hiking, or make your way to the Kent Falls State Park for a view of the highest waterfalls in Connecticut - pack a picnic basket for two, and make a day of it! If you'd like to shop or spend a lazy day, take a look at the many shops and art galleries and pick up a souvenir of your weekend.

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Jim Thorpe

This is a delightful little village, just 2 hours from NYC where you can, among other things book yourself for a Murder Mystery Weekend, a specialty of the Harry Packer mansion, one of the many B & B's here. This attraction makes it a great option for singles too, so put on your trench coat and search for clues. Be warned, mystery weekends don't come cheap!

Ocean Grove

If you're looking to do some time travel, head no further than Ocean Grove. This charming seaside village will make you feel like you've entered an era gone back in time.

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There's something for everyone here, so don't worry about keeping the younger ones entertained - take your pick from lazing at the beach, walks around town, or shopping at the quaint stores for souvenirs.
With life the way it is, too many of us forget to take some time to smell the roses.
As the years pass and time moves on relentless, does it really matter whether you get that file to your boss's table, or that your son flunked algebra? When you look back on the album of memories, it's the vacations together and the good times that you should remember.
Give some serious thought to such fun vacation ideas, and with the many options that make up weekend getaways from NYC, all you have to do is get up and leave!