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Why Visit the Point Reyes Lighthouse in California

Ketki Dongare Jun 28, 2019
Built in 1870, the Point Reyes Lighthouse, located on the San Andreas Fault, is an iconic lighthouse treasured with abundant history. Explore the area bound with spectacular ocean views, a lot of adventure, that is worth a visit.

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This 150 years old lighthouse, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Reach up to some parts of the Pt. Reyes Headlands for a quick hike!

Insight: The Headlands that jut 10 miles right out in the sea, caused a tremendous havoc for mariners and ships sailing from San Francisco to other locations up north.
You'll come across the Abandoned boat in Inverness, Marin County. This boat is a delight to all the photographers for its beautiful location and sighting.
Behind the Scenes: With many ships fallen victim to the strong winds, extreme fog, and the headlands, the Point Reyes was considered of grave danger until 1870; when the first light shone from the Point Reyes Lighthouse.

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Foundation of Point Reyes Lighthouse

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In 1867, the Fresnel lens, the clockwork mechanisms, and cast iron for the tower were shipped on steamers from South Africa and France to San Francisco.
After completion of the construction, the Point Reyes Lighthouse was put to use on December 1, 1870.
As the lighthouse adapted to new technologies and automation, the US Coast handed their supervision and operations to the National Park Service in 1975.

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Features of the Place

You'll find yourself in the presence of the serene oceanic view, with a 37 ft, 16 sided, tall tower, encased with iron windows and balcony elevated 290 ft above the sea level.
With a panoramic view of the ocean, walk down 308 stairs. Mind you it's the only way up!

Weather and Conditions

The Point Reyes Lighthouse is surrounded by fog throughout the year, being the 2nd foggiest place in the North American continent.


With the winds blowing up to 40 miles per hour, making the conditions extremely severe at occasions, tourists are to come prepared to face the strong wind currents. Keep in handy some warm clothes, a pair of binoculars, and water bottles.

The Journey to Point Reyes Lighthouse

A 40 minutes drive from the base of Point Reyes National Seashore in Marin County, California, will lead you straight into the windiest place on the Pacific Coast.

Around Pt. Reyes Lighthouse

Take a detailed tour of the legacy of keepers that have guarded and operated the lighthouse. The Lighthouse Visitor Center is an exhibit gallery showcasing the antique equipment used in the lighthouse.

A Page From the Keepers Book

Before the lights were powered by electricity, up until 1983, the oil-burning wicks were used to keep the light burning.
The Ocean Exploration Center and The Observation Deck gives visitors an opportunity to set eyes on some extraordinary mammals from the ocean; whales, sea lions, and seals, which surface around the lighthouse.