Famous New York Restaurants

The city of New York, is undoubtedly the most famous city in the world. Three of the most famous New York restaurants have been named here, they should be on any foodies' list of places to visit, if he/she is visiting the Big Apple.
UStravelia Staff
The food of any region is a part of that region's culture. Hence, when you travel, it is really advisable to give your taste buds the experience of some of the popular restaurants of the region. NYC is a hub of food-loving people and the local cuisine is like a beautiful jigsaw puzzle, with every piece belonging to a different culture of the world, with many restaurants achieving world-class fame for their brilliant signature tastes.
Apart from the magnificent restaurants, local foods include pizzas, bagels, cheesecakes, burgers, and the world cuisine. A tourist visiting the city must definitely reserve a seat for himself to enjoy the Haute cuisine and world cuisine that is made by collecting soul touching recipes. Some of the finest chefs, sous chefs, and sommeliers have put together the world's finest recipes, that have been toned to perfection. Driven by philosophies that honor and respect the taste of food, New York restaurants are probably among the world's finest ones.
Popular Restaurants
Speaking of philosophies and the most famous New York restaurants, let us start with the one that indeed has a philosophy that considers food, life itself.
Per Se
'Respect for food is respect for life' - the words of the genius himself. Thomas Keller a world-renowned chef and genius of the culinary arts, the founder of the world-famous French Laundry, established Per Se as an urban variant of the Laundry. The Per Se opened in 2004 with a magnificent menu and a versatile aroma of world-class wines. The best thing that you might want to try out at the Per Se is the 9-course meal which will give you the finest taste and emotion with every new course. The place is a classic example of perfection of taste that Thomas Keller and his staff have achieved. With every spoonful you taste, you will be transported to the French countryside and its soulful food.
The 21 Club
In the vicinity of Broadway and midtown Manhattan, the 21 club is a two restaurant club with the 'Bar room' and 'upstairs at 21', which are accompanied by two more auxiliaries, 'Wine Cellar' and the 'Cocktail Lounge'. The 21 club has a magnificent timeline that dates back to times of Probation when cousins Jack Kriendler and Charlie Berns, opened a speakeasy in order to earn their tuition fees. A versatile and perfected menu with thrilling tastes of wine will make your evening definitely memorable. All the Romeos, note that the upstairs at 21 is a perfect place to propose to your lady-love. That very room has a very popular history of proposals that have turned into happy marriages. The wonderful history, mouth-watering creative dishes and fine wine is something that will leave you smiling for at least a couple of days (life long if you have just proposed).
Gramercy Tavern
Post World War I, local taverns slowly disappeared due to the rise of fast food chains. The Gramercy Tavern is a magnificent revival of the concept that boosts a team of chefs that cook from the heart instead of just using the formula and recipe of food. This classical tavern boasts of a menu that has a colonial-American blend of food and a joyous assortment of wines. The antique decorated rooms and an oven that is made from hand cut bricks is the pride of the restaurant. Led by Mike Anthony, the chefs, prepare food that is so delicious that every spoonful is bound to make your heart warm with emotion. If you are a pastry lover, then you will be back almost every day to taste the lovely menu items by Nancy Olson, the pastry chef. Inspiration from the seasons and nature, and a warm taste, makes the Gramercy Tavern one of the most famous New York restaurants.
If you are looking for places that serve great food in New York, then these are some of the restaurants that you must definitely visit. To sum up, we can quote James Bread, "There is absolutely no substitute for the best. Good food cannot be made of inferior ingredients masked with high flavor. It is true thrift to use the best ingredients available and to waste nothing."