How to Use the New York City Subway

A first timer in New York could have questions regarding usage of the city subway, so how about setting all your doubts or questions to rest regarding subway travel in New York city...
UStravelia Staff
There's nothing like a first visit to the Big Apple, New York City!! It's such an awaited moment for so many, that there is no way you can disappoint yourself. The joy of visiting NYC is one that words cannot express, 'cos there's just something about it! The funny part is, when in NYC, even using the subway makes for an experience in itself. Get a better idea about the subway before moving on to learning about how to use the New York subway system.
A Glimpse of the NYC Subway
Owned by the city of New York, and engaged by the New York City Transit Authority, the NYC subway allows you the cheapest mode of transport that you could possibly find anywhere in the city. Imagine paying a meager $5, and having the liberty of traveling around the city, all through the day, as also all through the week. Believe it when you are told that traveling does not get simpler than using the subway in New York City. When you have a city so large that it is broken up into several areas such as Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Uptown, Downtown and more, what better way can anyone think of, to travel with ease around the place. According to statistics and surveys, it is said that the New York Subway is the fifth busiest rail system in the world. So how exactly does one go about figuring out this busy stretch of 468 stations, 24 lines, and 800 total miles of track? Sounds a tad daunting, doesn't it? It hardly is so. Take a look.
How to Ride the New York City Subway
Now that you have a slight idea about the 'oh-so-famous' New York City subway, time for you to learn more on how to go about getting used to it, and using it...
Get Used to the City & Subway with a Map
New York is a big city, and it may seem confusing or chaotic when trying to figure out how to use the subway, but here's the deal... First take some time understanding and getting used to the subway. Get hold of the subway map, and take a look at it. Familiarizing yourself with the subway routes beforehand will make things a lot simpler later.
Get Yourself a Metrocard: It's evident that to travel around the place you would need a ticket or something on those lines. Well, in case of using the subway, a metrocard is what you need. There are different types ofmetrocards that you can pick from. They are...
SingleRide Card: This kind of card costs around $2.25 and is good for one use. Putting more than $10 on your card in one go, will also allow you a bonus 7% on it.
Pay-Per-Ride Card: This one works well if there are a group of people traveling together, since 4 people can ride on one card of this kind. In case of this card, the commuter is able to put anything between $4.50 to $100 on the card
Unlimited Ride Card: This card can be used for up to a month, and is best recommended for people who intend to stay for a long period in the city. Apart from the subway, the Unlimited Ride Card also permits riding the city buses. This card can be purchased for a period of either 7 days or that of 30 days. The former costs roughly $29, while the latter is for $92. each of them is valid until midnight of the period it has been purchased for.
*These Metrocards can be purchased at any NY subway station.
Make Sure You Know Where You Are
As mentioned before, New York can tend to get confusing, especially since it is split into several areas. As a result of this, people often land up taking long train rides, or sometimes even end up catching the wrong train. Make sure that you get the right train, and know exactly where it is that you are headed to, and where it is that you have to get off. Lacking surety in a case like this could only lead to chaos.
Apart from keeping in mind those three important pointers, also do not hesitate to ask for help or directions of any sort. There may be moments when you would need guidance from a local maybe, and asking around would be the best way to go. Also, be cautious when you travel. As far as possible, do not enter the subway alone, and be very careful about your belongings, especially things such as your purse / wallet, etc. The last, but quite possibly, the most important thing to bear in mind is, watching your manners. New Yorkers are pretty polite on the whole, so make sure you behave the same way. As long as you have these things covered, you have nothing to worry about, and you can enjoy the NYC subway experience.