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Facts About Maine That are Too Interesting to Ignore

Interesting Facts About Maine
From beautiful coastlines to the green forest cover, the State of Maine has many things in store! Read some interesting facts about Maine, which will give you a glimpse into this amazing place.
Kashmira Lad
Maine can well be called the jewel in New England's beauty-studded crown. It is not called the vacation state without a reason. The state has a wealth of beautiful scenery, and its beauty comes out in full force during the spring, summer, and autumn seasons. Maine's old-world architecture, quaint coastline, town-like cities and obligatorily-worth-a-visit forest parks make it a heaven. This state finds a mention in many books of great repute, and has also been the setting for quite a few Hollywood films.
Rendered Maine Flag
Capital: Augusta

Area: 35,385 square miles

Official Language: English


Nickname: The Pine Tree State

Motto: Dirigo (Latin for "I Lead")
Old Name: Cushnoc

Area: 58.03 square miles

Official Language: English

Population: 19,136

Designated Capital Since: 1827

Motto: A Capital Opportunity
State Symbols
Nuts and Cone of Siberian Pine Isolated on White
White Pine Cone and Tassel
Schorl Tourmaline.
Chickadee on a Pine Branch
Bee hovering over flower
Cat, Maine Coon
Maine Coon Cat
Wild Blueberry
Whole atlantic salmon
Landlocked Salmon
Figures and Stats
» Highest Point : Mount Katahdin (1,606 meters)

» Total GDP : $51,585 million

» Number of Counties : 16

» Number of Cities : 23

» Most Populous City : Portland (66,194)

» Least Populous City : Eastport (1,331)

» Largest City : Portland

» Smallest City : Hallowell

» Highest Recorded Temperature : 105º F: North Bridgton (10th July, 1911)

» Lowest Recorded Temperature : -50º F: Caribou (16th January, 2009)
Interesting Facts
➜ Eastport, the easternmost city in the United States of America, lies in the state of Maine.

➜ While the capital of Maine is Augusta, Portland is its biggest city.

➜ The total area of Aroostook county - measuring 6,453 square miles - is larger than Connecticut and Rhode Island put together.
Monhegan Island Harbor
Monhegan Island Harbor, Maine
➜ Maine is almost as big as all the New England states combined in size.
➜ Almost 90% of the nation's lobster supply comes from Maine.

➜ Almost 99% of all blueberry supply to the United States can be traced back to Maine.

➜ About 90% of the toothpicks available in America are manufactured in Maine.
Victorian Summer Cottage Maine
Victorian Summer Cottage, Maine
➜ Maine is the only state in America that shares its border with only one other state (New Hampshire).
➜ In 1623, America's first sawmill was established in York, Maine.
Southeast shoreline of Acadia National Park, Maine, USA
➜ The Acadia National Park (Mt. Desert, Maine) is the second most-visited national park in America.

➜ A whopping 542,629 acres of Maine is a part of national and state parks.
Lubec, Maine
➜ The state of Maine is estimated to contain 6,000 lakes and ponds.

➜ The springs seen in the western areas of Maine are the main sources used to produce bottled water.
Portland head Light ? Lighthouse
➜ Apart from the beautiful forests, Maine is also known for its gorgeous coastlands. These coastal areas are dotted with lighthouses (Over 60 lighthouses!), and the jagged rocks only add to the beauty of the place.
Bass Harbor Lighthouse, Acadia National Park, Maine, USA
Breath-taking view of Bass Harbor headlight in Maine
Weird Laws!
➜ It is illegal to stroll down the street while playing a violin in Augusta.

➜ It is illegal to gamble at the airport in Biddeford.

➜ It is illegal to blow one's nose in public in Waterford.

➜ It is illegal for a tenant to bite his/her landlord in Rumford.
➜ The most money an individual gambling in Maine can win is ... wait for it ... THREE DOLLARS!

➜ No person has the legal right to step out of an airplane flying over Maine's airspace.

➜ Maine administration holds the right to charge any individual a stipulated fine if Christmas decorations are not pulled down before or on 14th January.
Famous People from Maine
Stephen King (Author)
Born in Portland, Maine, King has gone on to become one of the finest and arguably the most popular author of the horror genre of our times. King currently resides in Bangor, Maine.
Nelson Rockefeller (American businessman, Philanthropist, and Politician)
Rockefeller was born in Bar Harbor, Maine, and went on to become a prominent figure in U.S.A.'s public life and political circles. A part of Acadia National Park, which stands on Mt. Desert today, was originally Rockefeller's family property, donated to the national administration.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Poet, Writer)
One of America's best loved poet, Longfellow was born and brought up in Portland, Maine. Longfellow was also the head of the Modern Languages in Bowdoin College, Brunswick.
Ian Crocker (Swimmer)
Five-time Olympic champion, Crocker was born in Portland, Maine. Crocker, who specializes in the butterfly stroke, now runs swimming schools in Austin and Dallas.
Patrick Dempsey (Actor)
Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey was born in Lewsiton and grew up in Buckfield. More known for his acting skills these days, Dempsey is also a skilled juggler and had given the National Juggling Championship a try in his youth, where he stood joint second.
Maine is a state rich in history. It is the first location where the English tried to establish their colony. It is like a treasure cove - the more you dig, the more you unearth!
Coney Island
Maine Coastline
Maine Morning By The Sea