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Most Romantic Restaurants in NYC

Most Romantic Restaurants in NYC
Find out some of the most romantic restaurants in NYC to make your date the perfect one. Just read on...
Niharika Arya
Love cannot be expressed in words. It needs a mixture of words, affection, care, devotion and yes a bit of showoff. If you want to see this practically, then take your sweetheart to a crowded place for dinner and the other day take her for a candle light dinner at a beautiful place with a romantic environment, soft background music and really nice food. You will yourself feel the difference. She will be flattered and will fall in love with you again with the latter option. Love just needs some special memories which can bind a relationship forever. So, for these special occasions you need to know about some of the most romantic restaurants in your city. For the people who are in New York City, I have a list of some of the romantic restaurants. Just have a look and be ready to impress your beloved.
Top 10 Romantic Restaurants in NYC
New York City is a beautiful place. It has numerous big hotels and restaurants which are known for their food, ambiance and service. Following are some of the most famous and of course romantic ones.
This restaurant is located at the Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park. It is known for its award-winning cuisine with a blend of amazingly romantic music. Every month you can get master piece events conducted specially for the guests. You can book the table beforehand and can arrange a special dinner with the cuisine specially from the chief chef.
One if By Land, Two if By Sea
You can consider this as one of the best restaurants in New York City. This restaurant has served many couples and has seen many love stories since the year 1972. It is a beautiful carriage house in the West Village, which will make your date the best one. Enjoy the delicious cuisine with the tinkling of the piano near a fireplace. Enjoy every moment of your lovely date.
La Grenouille
If you want to have a classic old-fashioned romantic date, then this place is the most appropriate one. You can enjoy the ambiance and delicious French food which will drive you crazy. You can enjoy the taste of frog legs, and chocolate souffle. Though little expensive, the amazing fresh flowers and the beautiful ambiance will make your date the most impressive one.
If you have a special occasion just around the corner and you are looking for the most romantic and impressive restaurant in the city then Daniel will be the best choice. It is a four star restaurant with amazing award-winning French contemporary cuisine. You will be amazed by the attentive service, elegant ambiance and romantic atmosphere. Bit expensive but will make the precious moment in your life count, for sure.
The River Cafe
This restaurant will make your day. It is situated just next to the Brooklyn bridge and among the most beautiful and romantic restaurants in the city. You can get the view of this amazing creation, along with the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor. You can enjoy the taste of soft-shell crab stuffed with lobster meat and strawberry shortcake and key lime pie. Book your seat one month in advance so that you can get the best view to set your romance on a high.
If you want to have a subcontinental feel in an Indian restaurant, then come to Devi. You will get a totally Indian feel which will titillate your taste buds with its spicy curries and mouth melting deserts. Its rich ambiance and impeccable service will make your date a delightful one. So indulge yourself in one of the most famous cuisine and enjoy your date. Its bill will easily set in your pocket, so don't worry about the expenses.
Sushi Yasuda
This restaurant is one of the most romantic Japanese food restaurant. It has the flavor of the most celebrated Japanese cuisine. The wooden interiors will give you a feel of its origin. The ambiance and food will make your date. Though this may not give the feel of any other NYC restaurant, it will add a new and different experience in your romantic date dairy.
Top of The Tower
This restaurant is the best place to propose your love. It is situated at the top of the Beekman Tower Hotel. You can enjoy every single view from the 26th story and can express your deep emotions with a bottle of wine. It has a very sophisticated and romantic ambiance and its beautiful sight will drive you crazy. Enjoy the mouth-watering food and express you love at this beautiful restaurant.
5 Ninth
The ambiance looks back to the 1848. It has a dining garden and its charming appearance will make your date amazing. It is two floored and has enough space for the guests. You can treat your taste buds with cuisines from around the world and can even order the trendy fusion-style dishes. The place is romantic and have a contemporary, intimate setting.
Le Cirque
From over 36 years, this restaurant is famous for the finest cuisine in the city. From the ambiance to the widespread dining room and from the beef short ribs to an awesome dessert, anything and everything will please you and your date. They have some of the best chefs with some divine dishes that will leave you with a heavenly taste. If she loves classy and elegant places, then this is the best option to visit.
Apart from these, there are many more romantic restaurants in New York City which can make your date the most memorable one. For this you can visit New York City Tourism website. So, select one of the above given restaurants and let your sweetheart know how much you love her.