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Go Under the Radar at These Secluded Beaches in Florida

Secluded Beaches in Florida
Florida is one of the most amazing holiday destinations in the world. The long stretches of beaches, the soothing weather, and the natural beauty prevalent throughout the state ensure tourists flock to it year after year. While most of the state is full of life, there are some 'surprisingly' secluded beaches in Florida that usually go unnoticed.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Jan 30, 2018
Secluded or what!
Instead of taking the ferry, if you come to Caladesi Island State Park by a private boat, you can have the entire island to yourself at night! Tourists who come by the ferry get to spend only 4 hours on the island; there is no accommodation for staying overnight!

Florida lies in the southeastern region of the United States. A large portion of this state is peninsular, with the Atlantic Ocean to its east and Gulf of Mexico to its west. Florida has a warm, subtropical climate and is covered with large stretches of sand and ocean. Due to its climatic conditions, the state is nicknamed the 'Sunshine State'. It also has the longest coastline in the contiguous United States. With such a long coastline, the number of beaches is certainly not humble. What is scarce, however, are beaches that are nearly untouched as compared to others. And the best part is that they're scarce but not impossible to find.

Unlike beaches that remain crowded throughout the year, secluded beaches are isolated and calm. If you wish to spend some time on the beach sans the crowds, these beaches are the ideal spots. If you want solitude, the encompassing emptiness shall give you solace. If you want to travel only for a languid vacation, the beauty of these beaches shall offer you the much-needed respite. Secluded beaches of Florida are destinations for people in search of peace. The vacuum is enchanting, the sand and the soil is soothing, and the view of the ocean merging with the sky won't allow you to take your gaze away from the horizon.
Dry Tortugas National Park
Dry Tortugas National Park
First on the list is the Dry Tortugas National Park - a national park comprising seven islands, lying approximately 70 miles to the west of Key West (the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys). Few are willing to make the 5-hour return trip, which ensures that these seven islands are secluded throughout the year. The USD 5 you pay as entrance fee, is nothing compared to what you get to see.
Make sure you make a reservation well in advance; the availability of space on the overnight camping grounds is really scarce - another feature that ensures less crowds. Visit Loggerhead Key to see the Dry Tortugas Light and Garden Key to explore the famous Fort Jefferson. Bush Key is closed from April to September as it is a huge rookery for several birds.
You'll be lucky to see Middle Key, an island that disappears for months sometimes due to seasonal changes. You can reach the Dry Tortugas only by boat or seaplane. Also, there are no credit card facilities at the national park; carry cash.
Grayton Beach State Park
Grayton Beach in February
This SP has a lot of reasons to be the most popular State Park in the state of Florida. There is absolutely no activity that you can't indulge in here. You can swim, canoe, hike, fish, and camp. Camping facilities range from RVs to cabins roughly accommodating a group of 6. Ample trees between the sites give you all the seclusion you want.
Sugary white beaches and a diverse wildlife await tourists here. The scenic 100-acre Western Lake is also a part of this beautiful state park. Massive dunes, beautiful trails, and priced isolation are what you can expect at Grayton Beach.
Bowman's Beach
Paradise sand beach on sunny day
Magical sunsets, an abundance of shells, and a plethora of birds are pleasures that await you at Sanibel's Bowman's Beach. Maintained in its natural state, this beach has no hotels or houses nearby. It offers a perfect environment for relaxing in the company of calm waters and surreal backdrops. You need to take a walk from the parking area to reach the beach. There may be a crowd during seasons, but compared to other beaches in Sanibel, Bowman is still what you'd call an "isolated" escape.
Lovers Key State Park
Dead Trees on the Beach in Fort Myers
Lovers Key is the perfect place for beachcombers. With lots of opportunity for shelling, you will also have a 2.5-mile unspoiled, pristine beach. The wildlife viewing in this park will show you dolphins, tortoises, and manatees. Birdwatching enthusiasts aren't disappointed as all the four islands that make up this state park are alive with diverse species of birds.
While you can just relax on the white sands, also available is another option - hiking; the park boasts of 5 miles of trails, including 2.5 miles of the Black Island Trail. You can also rent bicycles, canoes, and kayaks. Earlier, this island was famous as a romantic paradise; today, it welcomes families and student groups, but the seclusion stays, as promised.
Caladesi Island State Park
Beach at Caladesi Island
An hourly ferry leaves from Honeymoon Island State Park to take tourists to the Caladesi Island State Park. All passengers are allowed to stay on the island for four hours. However, what's interesting is that if you get your private boat, you can stay at this park in your boat overnight! Imagine yourself alone, with an entire island to yourself.
Earlier, Honeymoon Island and Caladesi Island were together part of a large barrier island that split in 1921 as the result of a hurricane. You can hike, go on a mangrove-covered kayak trail, and fish on this beautiful island. Other activities include swimming, snorkeling, birding, and canoeing.
Topsail Hill Preserve State Park
Tropical beach
Clean sands, majestic dunes, and a peaceful environment is what you'll get while unpacking at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park. The sands stretch for more than 3 miles, offering tourists ample space to relax and bask in the sun. Furnished bungalows at the park allow you to stay for a couple of days to enjoy this mesmerizing jewel in northwestern Florida. You can fish, swim, hike, bird-watch, and sunbathe.
Playalinda Beach
Incoming Storm at Beach
Meaning beautiful beach in Spanish, the Playalinda Beach is just as nature intended it to be. Located on the east coast, it is divided into 13 lots. Part of the Canaveral National Seashore, it is considered a great surfing location. It is open all year round from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M. There are hardly any amenities on the beach; go well-prepared. Activities include swimming, windsurfing, and fishing. No shops, no condos, absolutely no sign of commercialization.
Today, Florida is the 4th most populous state in the U.S. However, these secluded beaches in Florida show us what the state was sans the population. These beaches will offer solace, serenity, and solitude to all those who want it. So, what are you waiting for?
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