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5 Extremely Jaunty Weekend Getaway Ideas for Women's Day

5 Weekend Getaway Ideas for Women's Day
Women really need a marked calendar day to tell them that they need to take a break from their jobs, families, lives, and loves. Gear up, as this story gives you ideas to plan an awesome outing with your gal pals, this Women's Day.
Renuka Savant
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2019
"Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with."
― Candace Bushnell
It does take a trip with the gals to discover this epic truth of life, that our girlfriends are indeed our soul mates. So, if you haven't had this Eureka! moment thus far in your life, it essentially means that you haven't been giving a lot of time to your gal pals of late.
Well, Woman's Day is around the corner, after all, so it just makes sense for us to bid an old-fashioned heave-ho to the world, pack our bags, and get away from all that might be bogging us down at the moment.
But, women that we are, we can't and more importantly, we won't do that. Which is why we're giving you these ideas to plan that much-deserved girls-only vacation. So, on this Woman's Day, schedule a brunch with your soul mates, and pass a motion to bring your vacation plans to fruition.
Spice up your Woman's Day
✦ We all know how precious our girlfriends are to us, and the best way to cherish them is to give them more time. Therefore, while we are on the topic of planning trips and spending time with the girls, why not make a road trip of it? It will give you that extra time to bond, rather than flying to the destination of your choice.
✦ With women getting together, pampering should definitely be on the agenda. So, whatever your overall plans may be, set aside a few hours (if not an entire day) for some heavy-duty TLC at the spa. You know you're going to love it as much as your gang.
✦ Discuss with the girls about what you all want this weekend to comprise. Some of you may want peace, so head to a secluded beach resort or a cabin in the mountains. For those looking to let their hair down, try hardcore party destinations like Vegas or Miami.

✦ For those ladies who love their wine, Napa Valley, California or Southern Oregon could be ideal.
Woman in bikinis holding surfboard
At every mention of Hawaii, there's a Beach Boys song that starts playing in our head. Hawaii's magnetism ensures that it's one place which is considered perfect for all kinds of vacations, be it relaxed or happening.
So, whether you're looking for some quiet, laid back catching up to do, or go all out crazy to your heart's content, or perhaps a little bit of both, Hawaii has it all. Gorgeous beaches, delicious cocktails, and lots of eye candy in the form of dedicated surfers, all around you.
And speaking of surfing
We'd like to indulge you in a spot of this exciting sport as well. Hawaii has no dearth of surfing schools to get you started on this adrenalin rush of a sport. You'll find the Surfer Girl Academy | Waikiki Beach to be quite interesting.
They have some fabulous trainers who will help you get started, no matter how out of balance you may seem. If nothing, you're sure to have a rollicking time laughing with your friends about it!
Las Vegas
Young woman in casino
Nothing screams P-A-R-T-Y like Vegas does, and it's the best place to enjoy some quality girl-time. Coming to Sin City, there's just the one grouse you'll have―there's so much to do, and so little time.
Because what happens in Vegas, can stay in Vegas.
Let go of all your travails and inhibitions, and set up a super-deluxe weekend for you. The Wynn Las Vegas | 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd has the world-class spa, where you can enjoy an extended morning of relentless pampering. If you happen to stay awake after that, get on to a spot of retail therapy at any of Las Vegas' fabulous shopping destinations.
If you thought your weekend could not get any better, plan a heavenly evening at the Scarpetta, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas | 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd. Gorge on their scrumptious spaghetti, strawberry souffle, and Nutella & vanilla creme bomboloni. And all of this while you gaze at the stellar view of the Bellagio Fountains. Sigh!
New York City
The Big Apple's aura as a deserving all-girl vacation spot got a major boost ever since Sex and The City began to air. Six seasons, two movies, and over a decade and a half later, women still want to live their version of New York―be it a Manolo Blahnik-ed walk in Central Park, or sipping on a cool Cosmopolitan in a ditzy bar.
Woman's from shopping
Here's how you get your 'I LOVE NY' moments.
Because the best part of being here is that you can find a lot of fun, girl-bonding things to do, which do not require you to have a hefty bank balance. If you wish to cop the Carrie look, shop at Century 21 | 22 Cortland Street, New York to nail some awesome designer garb for less.
Chomp on some quintessential NY-style hot dogs at Gray's Papaya | 2090 Broadway, New York, followed by their staple papaya juice. Head to Oneal's | 174 Grand St, New York bar and restaurant in the evening for a genuine one-to-one with the girls. The bar here serves anything you want, it's slightly pricier, but the ambiance and service will make up for it.
San Francisco
What's not to love about San Francisco? For starters, it's postcard-pretty, has a warm and welcoming vibe to it, and exudes oodles of charm that is simply irresistible. Plus, it happens to be in California, which basically means that everything awesome lies just a few miles away from it. Ladies take note―Napa Valley is just an hour's drive from here.
Young woman sitting in car
Wild, Wild West Coast!
San Fran is so fabulously laid back, that you just can't help but sink into the pleasurable feeling of wanting to do nothing at all. But then, the city also has a lot of culinary treats to invigorate your senses, and your mood as well. For starters, there are over 4,500 restaurants in a 7 sq mi area―try to beat that!
There's so much to see, shop, and love, that you'd wish the weekend would never end. Schedule a visit to Chinatown and pick up some delightful souvenirs, and grab some delicious grub while you're there. Few interesting activity would be to rent bikes from Fisherman's Wharf, take the National Park Bike path along the bay, crossing over the Golden Gate Bridge.
From here, you can drive into the small town of Sausalito, spend a wonderful, sunny day in the outdoors with the gals, before taking the ferry back to Fisherman's Wharf.
Young woman lying on beach
Miami's in-your-face glamor is what makes it an ideal destination for an all-girls weekend escapade. You're never too far from a spectacular beach, or a fabulous nightclub, which just goes to prove that there can never be a dull moment when you are in Miami.
Get a Florida-worthy tan by being outdoor all day.
South Beach is Miami's prime Donna―everything and everyone you see here is quintessential Miami, from the beach blonde surfers, to the happy Rollerblade. Pay a visit to the World Erotic Art Museum | 1205 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, which is at the center of Miami's uber-cool Art Deco District.
An outing can be scheduled to the neighborhood of Little Havana, if you're interested in a surreal Cuban experience, with Latin music, Cuban cigars. Miami's various nightclubs beckon as the evening progresses, but if you're looking for some quiet, quality time with your girls, head to Key Biscayne, which is half as glamorous, but twice as serene.
You may or may not be able to pull off an all-girls getaway this weekend, but do get together with your girlfriends, and schedule one for yourselves as soon as possible. And a midst all of this, do not forget to indulge in a treat yourself this Woman's Day―it is your day too, after all.