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Affordable Places to Live in Florida

Affordable Places to Live in Florida

Florida offers some great places to live in. Take a look at some low priced places in Florida and enjoy a life of comfort and ease.
UStravelia Staff
Florida is located in the Southeastern part of United States. Great lifestyle, good schools and reasonable furnished houses, makes many want to settle in This beautiful country. It has a humid climate as it is situated near the ocean. Florida is known for its scenic landscapes, warm weather and beaches. If you want to be a part of rich and enjoyable lifestyle, learn about some cheaper places to live in Florida.

Best Places to Live in Florida

This city is situated in Franklin County, in Florida. Surrounded by Carabelle River, this city has the population of 1,290 and is among the best places to live in Florida. This city offers safety and privacy to its citizens and makes life more comfortable. The city includes good beaches, river marshes and moderate wildlife. It also offers good housing options from reasonable cottages to villas and condos. There are also restaurants and shops, which make living easier and comfortable. The peaceful city, allows you to live a more relaxed and affordable lifestyle.

This metropolitan city, is a great place to settle in. With growing industries, there are many employment opportunities in this city. It's an urbanized city, with a population of 238,300. Orlando is a good place for tourism and earns good revenue from this occupation. Walt Disney World Resort, Universal World Resort and SeaWorld Orlando are the places to visit, if you are planning to spend your vacation or retirement in this city. It not only is known for its tourist attractions, but also for its huge hotels. Orlando, is considered one of the busiest cities of United States. It is a home to many luxurious hotels such as JW Orlando and Ritz Carlton Orlando. To make living easy, it offers many huge malls, making shopping easy for its citizens. Florida Mall, Mall at Millennia, Orlando Fashion Square and Festival Bay Mall are some of the well-known shopping malls in Orlando. Being well-developed urbanized city, it has good educational institutions too.

Naples is located towards the Southwest of Florida along the beaches and Gulf of Mexico. Naples has and is known for its various land reserves for wildlife. Beautiful sand beaches, luscious green golf courses and huge shopping malls bring satisfaction to its citizens. This city provides great entertainment as different events and many charity shows are conducted throughout the year. It also provides spacious furnished apartments to live in. Its different housing styles such as, cottage and beach residences, attract many people to come and reside in this city.

This city is located on the Southwestern coast of Florida. This city is a host to many world-class beaches, museums and huge golf courses. It is also known for the various arts and sports such as ballet, bird watching, water skiing, boating and golf. The Manatee and Charlotte County are known for its largest market, which is the fastest growing market. Many people are attracted to this city for its scenic beauty. Combination of the white sand and light falling on the gulf of Mexico serves as a great treat to the eyes. Such is the city of Sarasota, where home is like a paradise.

If you find relaxing on the beach sedentary, Gainesville makes it more livable as it has more of a city life. This city is a home to art and culture. The residents of Gainesville will find more of musical shows, exhibitions and performances. Presence of lakes and rivers, provide various recreational activities such as bird watching, fishing and canoeing. The subtropical climate, makes living more pleasant. From traditional to modern housing style and friendly neighborhood, it is a great combination that makes life more content for its residents.

May it be retirement or just a visit of few days, these are some low priced places to live in Florida. So, pick the right place and explore these extremely beautiful places of the United States of America.